Sevika Sanghom

Women have played a significant role both in the ministry of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and in the early churches. The Mar Thoma Suvisesha Sevika Sanghom, an organization to support the spiritual needs of the women of the Mar Thoma church, was inaugurated at the 1919 Maramon Convention, under the able leadership of Abraham Mar Thoma Suffragan Metropolitan.  Since then, in the history of the church, Sevika Sanghom is well known for its strong leadership from many women of great vision.  Its activities range from evangelistic work among women, empowering and educating women, providing financial support to the sick and needy, managing various social welfare and educational institutions, mission fields etc.  The organization owes much to the self-sacrificing and indefatigable work of Mrs. Kandamma Varghese, who was the organizing Secretary of the Sanghom for over 20 years travelling far and wide, organizing branches in various parishes and carrying out evangelistic work among Christians and non-Christians.

All parishes of the Mar Thoma church have a Sevika Sanghom branch.  Every woman of the Church above the age of 18 years is a member of the Sevika Sanghom.  The Sevika Sanghom General Body elects a committee from among its members to manage the administration of the branch.  The Vicar of the parish will be the President and is responsible for providing spiritual guidance and leadership to the operation of the committee.

St Mathew’s  Mar Thoma  Sevika Sanghom

Since the formation of our parish in July 2001, the Sevika Sanghom has played an integral part in the spiritual and material growth of the parish.  Through its activities, the women of the parish have been taking many steps to strengthen their spiritual relationship with God, as well as participating in various outreach ministries. Regular prayer cell meetings and Bible studies are held in 4 areas: every Tuesday evening in Brampton and Mississauga, 2nd Wednesday in Hamilton and the 3rd Wednesday in Milton area.  A monthly combined prayer meeting is held on the last Tuesday of every month under the leadership of the vicar. These are wonderful opportunities to strengthen the spiritual life of our women by engaging in Bible studies, intercessory prayers and fellowship meetings. Regular Fasting Prayers and Praise & Worship sessions are organized to glorify and to witness Christ and for the spiritual rejuvenation and revitalization of the members. From time to time, chain prayers are organized to intercede for fellow members who are sick.

From a humble beginning with few members in 2011, St. Mathew’s Sevika Sanghom has grown to a mature organization engaging in activities at the North American Diocesan level as well. For the first time, we were privileged to host the XVII Diocesan Sevika Sanghom National Conference (DSSC) on Canadian soil in 2016.  The Theme for the conference was “Woman: Hands to work, Heart to God”. Around 320 delegates participated in the conference from various parishes in the Diocese.

Outreach ministry

The Sevika Sanghom members participate regularly in local community outreach programs by volunteering at old age homes, nursing homes, hospice centers and soup kitchens. Since 2011, Annual Walkathons are organized to support organizations such as Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Alzheimer’s society, Muscular dystrophy, ALS, Autism, Halton Women’s Place etc., The Sevika Sanghom also financially supports global outreach activities of the Diocese. The offertory collected from the annual World day of prayer is sent to women in developing countries. In addition, various fund raising events such as yard sale, summer fest, perennial sale, bake sale etc., are organized to provide financial aid to various projects including home for the homeless, educational assistance, marriage and medical aid in India and in the North American Diaspora.

May the Lord Almighty bless each one of us and help us become a fruitful grape in His vineyard to be a blessing to others.

Those who are interested in the Sevika Sanghom activities, and for more information, please contact our vicar and President,  Rev. Sunil Chacko at  Ph: 905-455-4717 or   Sevika Sanghom Secretary Mrs. Susan Jacob, at E-mail: or  phone: 905 973 0586

Committee Members for 2021

Vice President :  Mrs. Ruby Thomas

Secretary: Mrs. Susan Jacob

Treasurer: Mrs. Mini Mathew

Auditor:  Mrs. Shrutha George

Area Representatives:

1.   Brampton Centre: Mrs. Jessy Benjamin

2.   Brampton East: Mrs. Manju Rajesh

3.   Brampton North: Mrs. Jisha Jose

4.   Brampton South: Mrs. Manju Alex

5.   Halton: Mrs. Aleykutty Chacko (Pennamma)

6.   Hamilton: Mrs. Rajana Rachel Raj

7.   London/Kitchener: Mrs. Achamma Varkey (Babu)

8.   Mississauga Centre: Mrs. Sajani David

9.   Mississauga North: Mrs. Glory John

10. Mississauga South: Mrs. Smitha Thomas

11. Toronto: Mrs. Rachel Baby (Sheeba)

  12. Waterloo Region: Mrs. Sharlette Varghese