Senior Members Fellowship

Senior Members Fellowship is a very active organization of the parish. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 11 am except during the winter month. Between 40 and 50 members come together at each meeting. Our Achen leads the meetings with songs and a meditation. An invited guest or an assigned member gives a talk on a chosen theme.


One or two families sponsors lunch for the group and the informal time spent together renews and strengthens friendships that is decades long.    


Our members are truly the pioneers of the Mar Thoma community in Toronto. Most of today's SMMTC seniors arrived in Toronto and nearby places from India during the 60's and 70's. At that time there was no worshipping community or any church of our own. It was the same all through the Mar Thoma Diaspora community on this continent. The need to establish a place of worship of our own was greatly felt and the goal gradually became a reality one step at a time with the help of our clergy who were here for their theological studies at that time. The struggle and the sacrifices of the seniors are often acknowledged by our vicars and bishops and we are immensely grateful that God Almighty enabled us for such a blessed task.


Seniors’ activities include planting a vegetable garden  on our church property and producing many crops that are sold to our church members every week during the summer.

Seniors picnic and special trips to different places are conducted. 


Our church celebrates Seniors’ Sunday in September as per the church calendar and we honour those seniors who have completed 70 years in that particular year with a Ponnada and complimentary plaque. We also take part in the Christmas Carol Service every year as Seniors’ Choir.  


Please contact the Seniors’ Secretary for further information at  905-399-6180