Sunday Service Live


Live Stream of the Church Service can be viewed by following the St. Mathew’s Mar Thoma Church Toronto YouTube Channel



While we have the option to participate in our worship services via live stream, we would like to also provide you an option to make your offertories and other donations electronically.  Along with our EFT arrangements already in place, we now offer all parishioners the ability to e-transfer your donations to our church.  You do not require a password for this as all e-transfers will be automatically deposited into our church bank account.

The email address for all e-transfers is:

Please use the optional message space to identify the following things:

Full name
Family ID #
Type of offertory/donation
(General offertory, Birthday and Anniversary offertories, subscription capital fund etc.)

For example 

Edward Joseph / E0011 / Subscription $100

* You can do multiple donations in one transfer, however please identify the type and amounts of each item. If there is character limitation for the message, you can use abbreviations such as Sub-$50 for Subscription, GO-$10 for General Offertory.