Youth Group

The Youth group of the St. Mathew’s Mar Thoma Church is a small, yet strong group dedicated to strengthen and maintain a solid relationship with church and God. We are a spirited group, blessed with numerous talents that consist over 200 members between the ages 13 and 35 and growing every year! We also call ourselves ‘Awake Youth’ based on the exhortation from Ephesians 5:14, “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” We see this as a new way of thinking and a new means for us to live, worship and gather together in Christ.

Every third Sunday is Youth Sunday at SMMTC where the youth lead the congregation in Praise & Worship and assist Achen during the Holy Communion Service. Outside of church, Awake Youth plans several events like prayer meetings, outreach events, retreats, semi-formals, picnics and other church activities for our youth to attend, bond and worship together.


Our Youth group has grown and we consider ourselves as a family always willing to support each other. The older youth have started a successful initiative in order to close that awkward barrier between our younger and older youth. Each of our older youth personally mentors and guides 5–6 randomly chosen younger youth members. Each group frequently gets together to talk about their lives and issues and pray about it. Our church also performs plays where our youths are very actively involved and work tremendously together. We hope and believe that our youth group will continue to stay strong years to come.

Our youth are led by a committee who are elected every year. This year’s team include:

  • President: Rev. Moncy Varghese
  • Vice President: Jibin Jacob
  • Senior Advisor: Susanna George
  • Secretary: Juliex Jacob
  • Co Secretary: Timothy Cherian
  • Treasurer: Sarah Panampunna
  • Auditor: Alen Daniel
  • Praise & Worship Coordinators:
    • Benjamin Abraham
    • Karen Oommen
  • Youth Service & Prayer Meeting Coordinator: Nathan Panampunna
  • Outreach Coordinator: Reuben Mathews
  • Brampton Area Representatives:
    • Alina Thomas
    • Ruth Benoy
    • Joshua Alexander
  • Mississauga Area Representatives:
    • Sheryn Varghese
    • Reuben Koshy
  • Toronto Area Representative: Alan Mathew
  • Hamilton Area Representative: Kristylyn Cheriyan
  • Kitchener & Waterloo Area Representative: Neha Sam
  • Milton & Outskirts Area Representative: Marc George 

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact our Secretary at