The Choir

The St. Mathew’s Mar Thoma Church choir is an open, welcoming and diverse group. The SMMTC Choir plays an indispensable role in the parish’s church services and programs. We assist the Achen for all  Sunday services with the chants and worship songs, adding beauty to the worship service and making the service a more divine experience for the congregation.

The choir has a variety of responsibilities. Its primary role is to support and fine tune the congregation in singing worship songs. Their visual presence is an encouragement to the congregation as well. The Choir also participates in other programs of the Church and takes part in choir festivals and ecumenical programs.  The two main programs of the church that are conducted by the choir every year are – the Easter Recital and the Christmas Carol Service.

Our church comprises of two choirs: the Junior Choir (ages 3 to 13) and the Senior Choir, both of which have over 70 auditioned members. The choir is a platform to help develop and improve the musical gifts of members of the parish with a talent for singing. The choir meets for rehearsal every Friday, where we do voice training, learn music harmony and practice songs. We also have many talented accompanists, to support the choral singing.

A Choir Committee is elected every year by the Choir General Body. The elected committee for 2017 is as follows:

·         President : Rev. Moncy Varghese

·         Secretary: Mrs. Anna Mathew

·         Treasurer: Mrs. Manju Alexander

·         Senior Choir Leaders:

o   Mr. Chandy Skaria

o   Mr. Varughese Mathew (Assistant Leader)

·         Junior Choir Leaders:

o   Mr. Deryl Abraham

o   Ms. Diya Mathews (Assistant Leader)

·         Committee Members:

o   Mr. Boby Varkey

o   Mr. Joy Eapen

o   Mrs. Anja Thomas

o   Mrs. Sajitha Mathews

·         Auditor: Dr. Shaji Joseph

The SMMTC choir is a close knit family that enjoys coming together and singing praises to His name, all for His glory alone.


For any information with regard to the choir, please free to contact

Choir Secretary – Mrs. Anna Mathew: or 647-978-3102